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With art like lightning and story that is fabled, there's a good reason were called Mizlabeled.

The First Chapter in the series is finally available directly from the author!

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The first official release from Mizlabeled Epix: Monstrous By Design - First Gear

Simply Monstrous...

The Year is 2030 and America has changed, A LOT. There has been a female president elected and new legislation passed outlawing bullets and therefore guns and all other munitions. The country has since become a country where Death is a corporate commodity. Murder Inc. has evolved into the Assassination Corporation and everyone is a target for the right price...

Meet Victer, The 2nd best employee at Omega Corp, a protounit marksgame corporation (the assassination branch of their business field). While the corporations manipulate their pawns amid the shadows of the night, Victer and his friends will have to fight to find the meaning behind the truth and lies that surround them.

Investigate the matter...

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SEPT 2016 - Applied the finishing touches & Launched (9/23/2016).

AUG 2016 - Applied Wax and Polished. Began Testing across all platforms.

JULY 2016 - Establishing outer web and back linking.

JUNE 2016 - Rebuilding Framework and generating assets.

MAY 2016 - Leader used Fenix Down on Mizlabeled.com!

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